Museum Bookshop

Merchandising and Hitech: we amaze visitors with design objects

The managers of museum bookshops know well, at least the most attentive ones, that in order to have a good impression on visitors it is very important to have gadgets on display and merchandising that does not suffer from excessive visibility, that is to say that it is not present on museum bookshops throughout Italy but that have a minimum of refinement and is able to amaze them.

Customers today have become very demanding, this must be said in general, and visitors to a museum who decide to make a purchase in a bookshop are even more so, because they are people attracted by beauty, often used to surround themselves with sought after objects that are able to gratify first of all their aesthetic sense before their need to purchase. This is an aspect to which we must always pay attention, both in the management and in the choice of fittings or in the selection of merchandising to be put on sale.

Turn to design for quality merchandising

In an era like this, made up of people constantly surrounded by technological objects, in a society where primary goods are now the prerogative of everyone and the purchase of objects follows more and more logic linked to emotional satisfaction, turning the attention to a merchandising made of sought after objects, should become the rule for any manager who wants to distinguish his bookshop for the quality of its commercial offer compared to all the others.

In this sense, the choice to turn one’s attention to design objects can certainly be a choice of value. The design can also be found in objects of common use, which find space inside the homes of all individuals, and can be more or less large and even very affordable. The added value is also to be beautiful: a design paperweight is something profoundly different from any other paperweight, the functionality remains the same but the aesthetic satisfaction that the former can convey compared to the latter is something that plays a huge difference on the motivation to purchase customers and, therefore, also positively affects the turnover of museum bookshops.

Special objects for demanding customers

After all, every bookshop manager or anyone involved in the management of a museum bookshop, will know very well that their customers are different, indeed: differently demanding. It is unthinkable, to give some examples, to underestimate that the visitor of a museum dedicated to Italian design, or contemporary art, has a particularly polite eye for the aesthetics of what he might decide to buy.

Anyone who has visited the store of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, which owns perhaps one of the most beautiful collections of design in the world, could not have failed to notice the quality of their sales proposal, in one of the most beautiful museum bookshops that seems to be a museum itself and that has been able to fully intercept the needs of its visitors, offering them refined objects, aesthetically never trivial but also functional, and without neglecting the need for customization – branding – that certainly every manager, every museum, owns. Objects that exude aesthetics, technology, art. In a single word: emotions.

How to identify and offer a different, quality merchandising?

How is such a formula possible? Only by relying on those who know their trade, who can put their experience in museum merchandising at the disposal of those who manage a bookshop. The choice of the right materials, with the greatest impact. The selection of the most interesting technological objects in the eyes of the visitor, the pulse of what customers ask for, are all aspects that can only emerge through a synergic collaboration between museum bookshop managers and those who work to fully satisfy their needs through research and the proposal of merchandising that is increasingly in step with the times and with the taste of the public.