Museum Bookshop

Merchandising and museums: conquer visitors day by day

Whether you are responsible for a museum bookshop management or you are the owner, you will surely know the importance of the items distributed. Proposing the right gadgets is as basic to the turnover of this type of activity as the choice of a valid supplier.

The most beautiful museum bookshops, not by chance, are those where out of the ordinary items are offered. Those that do not fall into the banality of pens, notebooks, bookmarks.

They also offer important items such as: playing cards, lamps, covers, credit card holders and much more. In fact, the museum bookshop displays kidnap the customer when they manage, with their variety of items, to impress the eye and also guarantee real utility. The aim of the museum bookshop is in fact to offer souvenirs that can remember, every day, in everyday life, that particular attraction.

Awakening the desire to replicate the experience or to make word of mouth. Let’s not forget, however, that 90% of the customer is in that place purely for the works on display. This is why every object distributed must be pertinent to the exhibition, remembering it in an intelligent but also playful way.

Also very impressive are the additional services of the museum bookshops, which can range from providing information to the visitor about the exhibition, to distributing telephone top-ups. The shop will therefore no longer be a simple boutique inside the museum, but a point of reference to return to.

The museum bookshops must allow the customer to respond to their needs without leaving the walls of the structure, offering products and services of all kinds and especially for all budgets! This last aspect should not be underestimated.

The customer who enters the bookshop has already, most likely, incurred an entrance fee or for the tour guide. Allowing him to choose between objects of various prices, will certainly make it easier for him to decide to buy a souvenir. In order to provide this wide range of products/services, the advice is to turn to an expert supplier in the field. Able to direct you on the choice of the best items, but especially to those more in step with the times.

The magnet, the postcard or the theme pen, are items easily found in newsstands and other shops in the city visited. Distributing a unique product will make your sale irreplaceable. What you offer must not be purchased elsewhere.

The managers of the most operational museum bookshops with the highest turnovers have also recently turned to the customization of the gadget. In this way the uniqueness of the piece is undisputed. Names, dates, phrases, can make a common souvenir, a precious memory to be kept with care. Or a gift to make, aware of its added value. herefore, explain your needs to a competent distributor. Talk to them about your tastes and let them advise you on the basis of their experience. Be wary of those who improvise in the world of museum bookshops.